Rapport VM1 Onroad 5.1.2020

RC året 2020 startet med kanonkjekk helg og første runde i årets Vestlandsmesterskap. Årets løpsserie gikk av stabelen i gymsalen på Os Skule. Det ble kjørt M-chassis, Touring og 1/12Track. Supportklassene F1 og Supastox ble det ikke noe av, pga for få påmeldte denne gangen. Generelt var det mange av den faste gjengen det ikke passet for denne søndagen, men det var likevel 19 deltakere fordelt på tre klasser. Vi satser selvfølgelig på flere deltakere neste gang.

M-chassis; Fire barn og fem voksne stilte til start og det var full rulle i kvalene, slik ble resultatlisten etter at de tre kvalifiseringsomgangene var unnagjort:

Rank Pilot Laps Endtime Klubb Model Engine Body Tyres Radio
1 Tom Havre 20 5:04.838 Bombk M-08 MuchMore Subaru BRZ Rush24 Spektrum
2 Arve Hagesæter 20 5:08.061 Bombk M-07R Torque Tuned Volvo  KOKO
3  Stig Reitan 20 5:11.011 Bombk M-08 LRP Boble Spektrum
4 Audun Hagesæter 19 5:16.037 Bombk M-07R Torque Tuned Volvo Spektrum
5 Ronny Madsen 17 5:03.429 Bombk M-05 Torque Tuned Golf Futaba
6 Martin Bergsvåg 16 5:11.959 Bombk M-06 Torque Tuned Pumpkin Spektrum
U11 Marcus Askvik Mikkelsen Bombk M-05 540 sølv Lotus Rush24 Helion
U11 Mikal Helland Bombk M-06 Hobbywing Pumpkin Rush24 Futaba
U11 Ulrik Nygard Bombk M-06 540 sølv Alpine Tamiya Helion

Det ble kjørt A og B finale og det var Tom som sikret seg seieren etter en jevn fight med Arve og Stig. Spesielt i A1 var det rekordjevnt. Tom, ledet hele veien med Arve under et sekund bak. Tom vant begge finalene. Audun ble beste junior med glimrende kjøring med sin M-07 med Volvo karosseri og Torque tuned motor.

Rank Final Pilot Points Total Model
1 A Tom Havre 5 M-08
2 A Arve Hagesæter 4 M-07R
3 A  Stig Reitan 3 M-08
4 A Audun Hagesæter 2 M-07R
5 A Ronny Madsen 1 M-05
U11 B Mikal Helland M-06
7 B Martin Bergsvåg M-06
U11 B Marcus Askvik Mikkelsen M-05
U11 B Ulrik Nygard M-06

I 1/12 Track var det plass til flere førere, men de tre som var med hadde det veldig gøy. Lars tok tq.

Rank Pilot Laps Endtime Klubb Model
1 Lars Møller-Holst 36 8:12.115 Bombk Schumacher Eclipse 2
2 Tom Havre 34 8:04.407 Bombk Schumacher Eclipse 2
3 Conrad Rye Holmboe 29 8:05.559 Bombk Corally

Men Tom var også her ustoppelig i finalene, og vant både A1 og A2.

Rank Final Pilot Points Total Model
1 A Tom Havre 3 Schumacher Eclipse 2
2 A Lars Møller-Holst 2 Schumacher Eclipse 2
3 A Conrad Rye Holmboe 1 Corally

I Touring hadde fjorårets sammenlagtvinner, Trond, på forhånd kunngjort at førsteplassen var ledig siden han var på Granca… Folket var spent på hva on road debutant Peter Stein kunne finne på… Peter imponerte stort og tok TQ med sin Associated TC 7.2

Rank Pilot Laps Endtime Klubb Model
1 Peter Stein 24 5:03.165 Bombk Associated
2 Arve Hagesæter 23 5:01.365 Bombk Serpent
3 Svein-Erik Haaland 23 5:10.247 Bombk Xray T4
4 Lars Møller-Holst 22 5:03.392 Bombk Xray T4
5 Stian Haaland 21 5:06.270 Bombk Serpent
6 Audun Hagesæter 21 5:12.285 Bombk Serpent
7 Ronny Madsen 16 5:20.207 Bombk Serpent

I finalene kjørte fra de fleste med hendene på ryggen, og vant som han ville. Stian ble beste Junior.

Rank Final Pilot Points Total Model
1 A Peter Stein 7 Associated
2 A Arve Hagesæter 6 Serpent
3 A Svein-Erik Haaland 6 Xray T4
4 A Lars Møller-Holst 4 Xray T4
5 A Stian Haaland 3 Serpent
6 A Audun Hagesæter 3 Serpent

Vi gleder oss til neste runde som kjøres i Knarvik Arena allerede 25.januar.

Stor takk for kioskbidrag og all hjelp under arrangementet!

August 7, 2019

Norwegian 1/10th Buggy Nationals Rd3 – Report

The Marås Raceway of Radøy in Norway played host to round 3 of the Norwegian 1/10th Buggy Nationals last weekend. The weekend kicked off on a wet surface for the 2WD portion of the event and after the opening two qualifiers it looked like it would be a 5-horse race for the overall TQ but on the drying track it was Trond Sætre who would hold the upper hand in front of Peter Stein and Vincent Ruger.

A1 was a fight between these three drivers together with Jostein Helland and Adrian Søgnesand and the five fought it out all the way toll the end. After five minutes of driving it was Peter Stein that took the win in front of Trond Sætre, but the race was close with only a six second spread down to 5th place. In A2 it was Vincent Ruger who would cruise away to a win with a six-seconds lead, again with Trond Sætre in 2nd place. Going into A3 it was a battle between five cars for the overall win, but it was Trond who took the win in front of Peter so the overall victory went to Peter, tied on points with Trond, but with a faster time.

2WD final results:
1. Peter Stein – Team Associated/Reedy/Sunpadow
2. Trond Sætre – Team Associated/Reedy/GensAce
3. Vincent Ruger – Xray/Hobbywing/Sunpadow
4. Arne-Peder Flesvik – Yokomo/Hobbywing/Yokomo
5. Jostein Helland – Team Associated/LRP/LRP
6. Dan Terje Bjørnflaten – Serpent/Hobbywing/GensAce
7. Adrian Søgnesand – Xray/Absima/Sunpadow
8. Stig Reitan – Xray/LRP/Team Orion
9. Tom Havre – Team Associated/LRP/Sunpadow
10.Nils Rønhovde – TLR/Absima/GensAce

On Sunday it was 4WD time and in the first qualifier it was only Adrian Søgnesand, Peter Stein and Arne-Peder Flesvik who were able to score 13 laps runs. Within the next three qualifiers on a drying track Jostein Helland, Dan Terje Bjørnflaten, Vincent Ruger, Torbjørn Jørgensen and Stig Reitan also made it into the 13-laps
club. The overall TQ however went to Adrian in front of Peter and Vincent so the finals were set to be exciting.

In the opening final it was Adrian who set the pace, but after being unlucky and loosing a wheel, Peter took the win just in front of Vincent. A2 was a five minute battle between Adrian, Peter and Arne-Peder with the three changing places and racing as fair and close as it could be. In the end it was Adrian who took the win after fighting hard back after a mid-race mistake. The 2nd place went to Arne-Peder only two seconds behind Adrian. Just as in 2WD it was wide open between four drivers to take the overall win. In the third A-main Adrian led the race in front of Peter, but after an early mistake, Peter could cruise away and take the win. And so, with his win om the first final, Peter took the overall win.

4WD final results:
1. Peter Stein – Team Associated/Reedy/GensAce
2. Adrian Søgnesand – Xray/Absima/Sunpadow
3. Arne-Peder Flesvik – Yokomo/Hobbywing/Yokomo
4. Vincent Ruger – Serpent/Hobbywing/LRP
5. Dan Terje Bjørnflaten – Serpent/Hobbywing/GensAce
6. Stig Reitan – Xray/LRP/Team Orion
7. Steinar Kartevold – Xray/Hobbywing/Sunpadow
8. Torbjørn Jørgensen – Serpent/Team Orion/LRP
9. Jostein Helland – Tekno/Reedy/LRP
10.Frode Pedersen – Team Associated/Team Orion/Team Orion

Thanks to Peter Stein for the report.

Daniel Kobbevik doubles at Norwegian EP Buggy Nats Rd1 – NC1 1:10 Off Road – Kristiansand April 2019

The opening round of Norwegian 1/10th Buggy Nationals was hosted by the KMBK club, located in Grimstad in the south of Norway. The track wasn’t huge but hospitality was, which made for a great weekend thanks to the professional club. The weekend kicked off with free practice on Friday and with the track layout being unchanged for some time, things would be very tight especially in the main 4WD class as most of the club’s members race in the ultra-fast wheeler category. Fast local driver Gisle Brøvig is a very strong driver and the biggest local hope for the race. On Saturday it was straight into 2WD qualifying – four rounds and best two counts. Daniel Kobbevkik took all qualify rounds by a huge margin, it was very open on podium spots behind Daniel, and nothing was settled before last A-main. Four drivers were fighting for the remaining podium spots: Adrian Sognestad had two 2nd place finished, but both Petter Berntsen and Oyvind Stusdal had one 3rd place each, and if they could take a win in last final they would push him down to 3rd. Vincent Ruger, another young and upcoming driver, was also in the mix for the podium, and he also needed a win to make it.

A3 started and after just a few laps Adrian made some huge mistakes and he had to stop, so now it was up to the other guys to decide how the podium would end up. Vincent had found really good pace and was leading in front of Øyvind, who started to close in, and Petter was chasing in 3rd, but Vincent did a perfect run and could take the win, giving him 3rd overall.

2WD final results:
1. Daniel Kobbevik – Xray/Hobbywing/Sunpadow
2. Adrian Sognesand – Team Associated/Absima/Sunpadow
3. Vincent Ruger – Xray/Hobbywing/Sunpadow
4. Øyvind Stusdal – Serpent/Hobbywing/Sunpadow
5. Petter Berntsen – Yokomo/-/-
6. Roger Berntsen – Yokomo/-/EZ Power
7. Mathias Fink – Team Associated/Hobbywing/LRP
8. Bastian Andreassen – Xray/Hobbywing/Sunpadow
9. Peter Stein – Team Associated/Absima/Sunpadow
10.Ola Løvbrekke – PR/Hobbywing/Sunpadow

Then it was on to 4WD on Sunday morning and the big riddle was if Gisle Brøvig could match up with Daniel’s speed. These two guys were definitely the two fastest in this class, and when the qualifying started, Gisle had a little tougher job than Daniel to do, since he had to run in a lower heat, and that can sometimes cause some extra traffic, but he did a good job and sorted things out well. Daniel won again all four rounds with good margins, and was in his own class of speed, but when finals start there is a new game starting. Gisle was going to start 2nd on the grid in the mains. So he had still the chance to hang in the game. The first A-main started and Daniel checked out right away, took a comfy win with 28 laps in front of 27 laps and Adrian 25 laps, while rest of the main was on 25 laps. A2 started the same way with Daniel pulling away and taking the win with 29 laps, Gisle with 27 laps, and this time Mathias Fink had found good speed and took 3rd with 26 laps. So again things needed to be settled in A3 about who was going to take 2nd and 3rd. Daniel decided to run A3, and this was also going to be his fastest run the whole weekend. Gisle protected his 2nd place with a good margin, but over the 3rd place it was a fight between Mathias and Adrian, but Mathias pulled away early and secured the podium, also with his fastest run of the weekend.

4WD final results:
1. Daniel Kobbevik – Xray/Hobbywing/Sunpadow
2. Gisle Brøvig – Xray/Hobbywing/EZ
3. Mathias Fink – Team Associated/Hobbywing/LRP
4. Adrian Sognesand – Team Associated/Absima/Sunpadow
5. Øyvind Stusdal – Xray/Hobbywing/Sunpadow
6.Jaran Flaath – Xray/Hobbywing/Sunpadow
7. Bastian Andreassen – Xray/Hobbywing/Sunpadow
8. Peter Stein – Team Associated/Absima/Sunpadow
9. Daniel Solberg – Team Associated/Reedy/Reedy
10.Kristoffer Liane – Xray/Hobbywing/Sunpadow

Thanks to Magne Kobbevik for the report. Og takk til redrc.net

Daniel Kobbevik wraps up Norwegian National titles – NM 1/10 buggy – Oslo September 2018

The final race of the Norwegian EP Buggy nationals was held at Hverven Raceway in Oslo on astro turf. The track was rebuilt for this race, so everybody came to a new track and so nobody had home track advantage. This part of the year is naturally slippery in the morning with more grip during the day, and a little less grip in afternoon. There was only a little free practice in morning, and then right into reseeding, to get it as fair as it could be for this championship. Daniel Kobbevik was much faster than the competition with his Xray XB2. This weekend it was especially one driver that stood out from the rest and it was Yokomo driver Eirik Andreassen. He had really good pace and was second fastest on lap times, so it was more about who was going to start from third to 10 in A-main. After reseeding it was Daniel that topped all those rounds, and it looked the same after quails was done. 4 rounds with TQ.

So after quals was done top 3 was:
1. Daniel Kobbevik – Team Xray
2. Eirik Andreassen – Team Yokomo
3. Mathias Fink – Team Associated

Then ready for finals, and Daniel just took off and left the rest off the field, drove his own race and made sure nobody could get close, and after lapping the field it was just to get the car to the finish line, and secure the win. It was pretty much same in all three finals. Daniel took the win in all finals and the fight was really about second and third. First final Yokomo driver Eirik had good control and took easy second place. Second main, Eirik and Mathias Fink was fighting close from the start to the end, and Mathias was in second for a while, but Eirik overtook the place, but then again got stuck in another car, and then Mathias could pass on inside, and then it was difficult for Eirik to get back in second, but was close. In third main it was fight about second and third between Eirik and Mathias again, and Mathias was trying to get by several times, but Eirik did no mistakes and kept the second place to finish line.

So result list after all finals done 2wd
1. Daniel Kobbevik – Team Xray/Hobbywing/EZpower
2. Eirik Andreassen – Team Yokomo/Racing Performance/RP
3. Mathias Fink – Team Associated/Hobbywing/LRP
4. Nikolay Håheim – Schumacher/Muchmore/LRP
5. Øystein Døler – Team Associated/Hobbywing/LRP
6. Roy Gemble – Schumacher
7. Vincent Ruger – Team Associated/Muchmore
8. Thorbjørn Døler – Team Xray/LRP/LRP
9. Arne Peder Flesvik – Team Yokomo/Racing Performance/RP
10.Jostein Helland – Team Associated/Absima/Orion

Winner of B-main was Team Associated Driver Andreas Sandgrind
Winner of C-main was Serpent Driver Dan Terje Bjørnflaten

Since this was the last race off the year, it was also time to give out prizes for top 3 in the Norwegian Nats Championship for 2018. Top 3 this season was the strong trio that have been dominating the races this summer.

1. Daniel Kobbevik – Team Xray/Hobbywing/EZpower
2. Øystein Døler – Team Associated/Hobbywing/LRP
3. Thorbjørn Døler – Team Xray/LRP/LRP

Then over to 4wd, and now Daniel really showed his pace and after Reseeding he was close to 6 seconds faster than nr.2 on three consecutive laps… And it looked like it was just mechanic problems that could stop him from taking the second title this weekend. Daniel took TQ in all 4 rounds of quals, and top 3 was: Daniel Kobbevik, second it was again Erik Andreassen, third was Mathias Fink, but on the same points as Nikolay Håheim and Dan Terje Bjørnflaten, he had really taken up the speed and from driving C-main in 2wd he was now showing speed to get into A-main in 4wd!

After quals was done top 3 was again the same list as in 2wd: Daniel Kobbevik starting from pole, Erik Andreassen starting second and Mathias Fink from third.

First final Daniel won easy, second place was Mathias and third Øystein. Second final Daniel won with almost same margin again, but this time Roy Gemble took second place and Eirik Andreassen took third. Last A-main, Daniel taking the victory again and this time Eirik got second and Dan Terje took third. So it was so many drivers on different points, but it ended with Daniel winning, Eirik second with a 2 and 3.place, Mathias third, with scoring 2 and fifth place. Øystein Døler on same points but with a 3 and 4 as counting…

Top Ten 4wd
1. Daniel Kobbevik – Team Xray/Hobbywing/EZpower
2. Eirik Andreassen – Team Yokomo/Racing Performance/RP
3. Mathias Fink – Team Associated/Hobbywing/LRP
4. Øystein Døler – Team Associated/Hobbywing/LRP
5. Roy Gemble – Schumacher
6. Dan Terje Bjørnflåten – Serpent/Hobbywing/EZpower
7. Torbjørn Døler – Team Xray/Hobbywing/LRP
8. Vincent Rüger – Team Xray/Hobbywing/EZpower
9. Arne Peder flesvik – Team Yokomo/Racing Performance/RP
10.Nikolay Håheim – Schumacher/Muchmore/LRP

Winner of B-main was Xray Driver Adrian Søgnestad
Winner of C-main was Xray Driver Sveinung Nå

Then again it was time for top3 in 4wd in National Nats Cup and again it was the trio that has been the fastest this season.

1. Daniel Kobbevik – Xray/Hobbywing/EZpower
2. Øystein Døler – Team Associated/Hobbywing/LRP
3. Torbjørn Døler – Xray/LRP/LRP

Thanks to Magne Kobbevik for the report. Og takk til redrc.net

Daniel Kobbevik takes double Norwegian 1/8 Buggy title – NC4 Oslo – August 2018

The third round of the Norwegian 1/8th Off-road Nationals was held at the Hvervenbukta Raceway in Oslo. The weekend started out with heavy rain on Friday afternoon, so track was ready for a boat race, not cars. Thankfully the weather got better so limited practice was possible before the race start on Saturday morning. Saturday kicked off with Daniel Kobbevik taking a solid TQ in the opening Nitro qualifier, and he would carry on that way so take the overall TQ after the four qualifying rounds. The closest driver was Mugen driver Hans Magne Berg, who had a really good pace this weekend. One more qualifier was held on Sunday morning and Daniel won that one as well. This weekend was especially important for Daniel to get into the final in both classes to take the overall wins, since the last race is on the same date as the 1/8th Electric Euros and the start of the EOS.

Over in the electric class, that saw three rounds of qualifying, Daniel TQ’d all three rounds to take the overall TQ as well.

Then it was time for the lower and semi finals and it was again Daniel Kobbevik (Xray) on top with Egil Amtedal (Serpent) and Bastian Andreassen (Serpent) completing the Nitro top 3. The final racer to secure a spot in the Nitro A-main was Eivind Wilberg that won the Last Chance Final after a crazy race with lots of fun and action.

Between the Nitro finals the Electric mains were held. The opening final started out with Daniel pushing hard from the start and when he had one lap lead over the runner-up driver, Daniel’s transmitter battery ran out of power, allowing Vincent Rüger (HB Racing) to take the win in front off Torbjørn Døler (Xray) and Mathias Fink (Xray). In A2 Daniel again pushed away and this time he secured the win. The young man did the same in A3, and with the trouble Daniel had in A1, it meant that it was going to be a tight fight for the 2nd and 3rd spot on podium. Torbjørn and Mathias fought until the closing stages when Mathias made a crucial mistake and Torbjørn could cruise to a safe second place and with it the runner-up spot on the podium. Ultimately the 3rd place on the podium went to Vincent Rüger. With this result Daniel secured the overall title in the 2018 series with one round still to go.

1/8th Electric top 3 results:
1. Daniel Kobbevik – Xray/Hobbywing/EZ power
2.Thorbjørn Døler – Xray/LRP/LRP
3.Vincent Rüger – HB Racing/Team Orion/Team Orion

Over in the Nitro A-main Daniel, coming from the 1 spot, immediately took control over the field. Taking the hole shot, behind him it got a little chaotic and one of the victims was Hans Magne Berg who had been fast all weekend but he lost the chance to race for the podium. Behind Daniel, Mathias Fink and Bastian Andreassen had a very good race and Bastian took a maiden Nationals 2nd place from another maiden podium finisher, Mathias, who usually ends higher in ranking in electric but this time he scored the final nitro podium spot. For the first time the podium was filled with Juniors only with the winner being 13, 2nd place being 16 and 3rd place being 15 years old. Overall in the championship it was again Daniel with the overall, securing the title with one round to spare.

Thanks to Magne Kobbevik for the report. Og takk til redrc.net

Daniel Kobbevik sweeps Norwegian Buggy Nats Rd4  – NC4 Kodal – August 2018

The fourth round of the Norwegian Electric Buggy Nationals was held at the SAS Club’s Racingland track in Midgard near Sandefjord. The up and coming club in the land of the Vikings offered a rough and challenging dirt track and although the weather forecast didn’t look too promising it would stay dry all the time. In 2WD, Xray driver Daniel Kobbevik was over 2.2 sec faster on his best lap, and he would be the only driver to score a 9-laps run in the qualifiers. The track was bumpy, slippery and challenging, so it was a great challenge for all drivers. The wind made also some of the jumps pretty difficult to handle. After the qualification was done, Daniel had TQ´d all rounds with the 2nd place going to Thorbjørn Døhler with his Xray while Øystein Døhler put his Team Associated in 3rd.

In the finals it was pretty much the same scenario as in the qualifiers. Daniel pulled away and the fight was about 2nd and 3rd place. Øystein and Thorbjørn had some entertaining runs and in the end Thorbjørn took 2nd from Øystein 3rd as Daniel brought home the win.

In 4WD it was again Daniel who set the pace with his Xray. Behind him there was a tight fight between the Døhler brothers again, and this time it was Øystein that was going to start from 2 on the grid while Thorbjørn had to settle for 3rd. In the finals Daniel took the commando from the start and drove his own race. Øystein pretty much controlled the 2nd place and Thorbjørn struggled a bit and came into some situations that made it difficult for him. After the triple mains the 3rd place drivers were all tie on points; Thorbjørn with his Xray, Danny Kwiatkowski with his Kyosho and Mathias Fink with his Team Associated. They all scored seven points, but local racer Danny took the longest straw with his 2nd and 5th place finishes to take the final podium spot.

Thanks to Magne Kobbevik for the report. Og takk til redrc.net

Daniel Kobbevik takes double Norwegian 1/8th title – Buggy NM 1/8 – Kodal Juli 2018

This year it was Sandefjord RC Club, that was going to host the Norwegian National 1/8th Off-road Championship for 2018. The event saw the running of the nitro and electric class at the same weekend and the race was very well organised with the good and warm weather further adding to the whole fun. Xray’s Daniel Kobbevik was one of the pre-event favourites as he had a clear winning streak going into the event. However he would only arrive late on Friday evening for a short shakedown of the cars and his strategy was to use the qualifiers to learn the layout and find the right setup and speed. The strategy worked out perfect, and already in first qualifier round Daniel was the only one to score a 10-laps run. The only other driver with a 10-laps run in qualification was Xray driver Lars Erik Mo. Daniel carried on in tremendous speed and would ultimately win all rounds both in 1/8 electric and nitro, all 10lap runs, so already on Saturday he was top qualifier in both categories.

The club decided to water the track after Saturday’s qualifiers as it was pretty beaten up already and so Sunday started off with a dust-free and grippy surface that lead to an even faster pace of the drivers and especially Daniel who bettered his times again. At the end of the qualifiers it was Daniel in his FX-powered Xray with the TQ from Rune Karlsen’s OS-powered Kyosho in 2nd and Lars Erik Mo with his FX-powered Xray in 3rd. Over in the electric class it was again Daniel with the TQ from Rune Karlsen (Kyosho) 2nd and Thorbjørn Døler (Xray) 3rd.

The Nitro A-main then was the battle between young gun Daniel while veteran racers Rune Karlsen and Lars Erik Mo came in 2nd and 3rd. The start was a little messy, but after one lap Rune was in front with Daniel on his tail. Lars Erik had bad luck as he found himself at the bottom of the field. After two laps Daniel was in front and set the pace while Rune was a steady 2nd for a while, but it seemed that Lars Erik had found some more speed and was almost on the same pace as Daniel and on the second fuel stop, he had taken over a solid 2nd place. Driving super smooth there was no chance for Rune to catch up with him unless Lars Erik would get into trouble. In the end it would materialise and Daniel took the win and with it the championship title from Lars Erik Mo in 2nd and Rune Karlsen in 3rd.

Nitro Buggy final results:
1.Daniel Kobbevik – Xray/FX/Runnertime
2.Lars Erik Mo – Xray/FX/Runnertime
3.Rune Karlsen – Kyosho/OS/Byron
4.Gisle Brøvig – Kyosho/Werks/Werks
5.Pål Tobiassen – SWorks/OS/Byron
6.Vincet Rüger – HB Racing/OS/Byron
7.Danny Kwiatkowski – Kyosho/Reds/Byron
8.Hans Magne Berg – Mugen/Bullitt/Racing Experience
9.Dan Terje Bjørnflaten – Serpent/OS/Byron
10.Bastian Andreassen – Serpent/OS/Optifuel

In the E-Buggy class Daniel won the first A-main easily with a good margin to Thorbjørn Døler who came in 2nd as Mathias Fink came in 3rd. In A-main 2 Daniel just pushed away and the real battle arose for 2nd and 3rd place. But in the end it was Rune Karlsen and his Kyosho that took 2nd and another top 3 from Torbjørn Døler with his Xray which was even more remarkable as he was knocked out by a car when he did marshalling earlier that day. But instead of lamenting he changed focus and really laid down some impressive runs. For A3 Daniel opted to sit out the leg in order to prepare for the Nitro main. And so it was a super exciting race for the podium but after a couple of laps with fights between Rune and Torbjørn, Rune did a mistake and Torbjørn took a huge lead, but Rune had not given up winning this final and stayed in the game, but could not get closer. However after six minutes Thorbjørn was a little unlucky with a landing in the double double section, and Rune passed him and it was just for Thorbjørn to save the 2nd place. The first comment from Thorbjørn after final was done was “I had Rune on the fork, but lost the fork …”. Behind Champion Daniel it was Rune with the runner-up spot from brave Torbjørn in 3rd.

E-Buggy final results:
1.Daniel Kobbevik – Xray/Hobbywing/EZpower
2.Rune Karlsen – Kyosho/Team Orion/Team Orion
3.Torbjørn Døler – Team Xray/LRP/LRP
4.Mathias Fink – Mugen/Hobbywing/-
5.Kai Rønning – Kyosho/Hobbywing/-
6.Øystein Døler – Mugen/Hobbywing/LRP
7.Vincent Rüger – Hotbodies/Hobbywing/-
8.Danny Kwiatkowski – Kyosho/Team Orion/Team Orion
9.Hans Magne Berg – Mugen/Hobbywing/-
10.Morten Stenjord – Mugen/Hobbywing/-

Thanks to Magne Kobbevik for the report. Og takk til redrc.net

Daniel Kobbevik dominates Norwegian EP Buggy Nats Rd3 – NC3 Innherred – Juni 2018

The third round of the Norwegian 1/10 Electric Off-road Nationals was held at the amazing Innherrad Raceway in Levanger. While the track and area was well prepared the weather was not as it changed a lot from cold, wet, dry and everything in-between, making setup and tyre choice a big gamble. The weekend kicked off with the 2WD rounds on Saturday and instantly Daniel Kobbevik was in control of things, taking all qualifiers to line up 1st on the grid in front of local hero, Roy Gjemble.

2WD qualifying top 3:
1.Daniel Kobbevik – Xray
2.Roy Gjemble – Schumacher
3.Alexander Gjemble – Team Associated

In the A-mains it was again Daniel who was in control of things and by winning A1 and A2 he secured himself the overall win from Roy 2nd and Alexander 3rd.

2WD final results:
1.Daniel Kobbevik – Xray/Hobbywing/EZPower
2.Roy Gjemble – Schumacher/-/-
3.Alexander Gjemble – Team Associated/-/-
4.Marius Kristensen – Schumacher/Muchmore/EZPower
5.Øystein Doler – Team Associated/Hobbywing/LRP
6.Thorbjorn Doler – Team Associated/Team Orion/LRP
7.Steffen Larsen – Yokomo/ORCA/EZPower
8.Arne Peder Flesvik – Yokomo/Hobbywing/Racing Performer
9.Stein Ove Nordahl – Xray/Hobbywing/Racing Performer
10.Kenneth Neverdal – Schumacher/-/-

Sunday 4WD day was pretty much the same when it came to weather, setup and tyres. In the qualifiers it was again Daniel who would lead the way by taking all qualifying rounds to take the overall TQ with the fastest laps and quickest qualifier of the day.

4WD qualifying top 3:
1.Daniel Kobbevik – Xray
2.Roy Gjemble – Schumacher
3.Alexander Gjemble – Team Associated

The finals then were pretty much a blueprint of the 2WD event, however with even faster lap times. Daniel went on to win all three A-main encounters for the overall while also being the only driver being able to score 11-laps runs. The fight for the runner-up spot was alone one as Roy was in control and behind him it was Oyster Doler who would end the day on the 3 spot.

Thanks to Magne Kobbevik for the report. Og takk til Redrc.net

Daniel Kobbevik doubles at Norwegian Nats Rd2 – NC2 Hof – Juni 2018

Last weekend the second round of the Norwegian 1/8th Off-road Nationals was held at Hof Raceway, located some 45 minutes out off Norway’s capital of Oslo. It has been extremely hot in Norway the past weeks which meant challenging conditions and a hard-packed track with a lot off bumps but the club did its best to make the best out of it. Saturday started off with four qualification rounds for nitro, and Xray factory driver Daniel Kobbevik won three out of four qualifiers meaning the overall TQ in front of Xray’s Lars Erik Moe as Kyosho’s Danny Kwiatkowski came in 3rd.

Sunday mains day and Daniel had a perfect semifinal as Lars Erik Mo had a lot off struggle in his semi. A flame out put him far back in the field, but he picked up speed and managed to come back to start from 6th into the main final. Up front Daniel took the pole position in front of the Mugen duo of Morten Torkildsen and Hans Magne Berg.

However the start of the final did not went well for Daniel as he got into trouble right away on the first lap and after some really tough fights he ran into tyre issues after ten laps with the rubber separating from the wheels. He almost lost two laps on that which made it necessary to change fuel strategy in order to try to get back in the game, but that did not go well, so a flameout set him further back as on the very dusty track the fuel consumption was higher than normal. But Daniel got out there and he went fast up to 2nd after some really hard fighting to get by the other drivers. Lars Erik Mo had a huge lead up front, but Daniel slowly came closer and closer. With three minutes left on the clock, it was only a 10-seconds gap between those two drivers, and there was no chance that Daniel was going for securing the 2nd spot. Lars Erik did some mistakes also in end, and Daniel got by, and won the race by over 26 seconds.

Nitro Buggy final results:
1. Daniel Kobbevik – Xray/FX/Runnertime
2. Lars Erik Moe – Xray/FX/Runnertime
3. Egil Amtedal – Serpent/O.S./Runnertimer
4. Morten Torkildsen – Mugen/FX/Hotfire
5. Bastian Andreassen – Serpent/O.S./Optifuel
6. Gisle Brøvig – Kyosho/Werks/Werks
7. Hans M. Berg – Mugen/Bullitt/Hotfire
8. Danny Kwiatkowski – Kyosho/Reds Racing/Byron
9. Torbjorn Doler – Kyosho/Reds Racing/Byron
10.Dan T. Bjornflaten – Serpent/O.S./Byron

On Sunday also the qualifiers and finals of the 1/8th Electric class were run, and again it was Daniel who had a comfy gap down to the rest of the drivers. The qualifiers went smooth and Kobbevik took the TQ in front of Vincent Rüger (HB Racing), and 3rd placed Mathias Fink with his Mugen.

In A1 Daniel just drove away from the rest of the field an easy win as the fight for 2nd and 3rd was harder but it ended with Mathias Fink taking 2nd in front off Danny Kwiatkowski. A2 then was a blueprint for Daniel who was just pushing away for another easy win. Behind him Mathias and Vincent swapped positions many times, but Mathias was a little unlucky and missed the jump before the straight and then it was more or less over, so it ended with Vincent in 2nd and Danny 3rd. Daniel opted to sit our A3 and so it was up to Danny, Vincet and Mathias to fight for the remaining podium positions. And after some nice battles the final ended with Mathias taking the win, in front of Danny and Torbjorn Doler.

E-Buggy final results:
1. Daniel Kobbevik – Xray/Hobbywing/EZpower
2. Mathias Fink – Mugen/Tekin/-
3. Danny Kwiatkowski – Kyosho/Reds Racing/Team Orion
4. Vincent Rüger – HB Racing/Tekin/-
5. Torbjorn Doler – Xray/Tekin/LRP
6. Clayton Petree – Hotbodies/Hobbywing/Team Orion
7. Sani Gunic – Mugen/Hobbywing/Team Orion
8. Mattis O. Berg – Mugen/Tekin/Team Orion
9. Hans B. Revhaug – Xray/Hobbywing/EZpower

Thanks to Magne Kobbevik for the report. Og takk til redrc.net

Kobbevik doubles at Norwegian 1/8 Nats Rd1 – NC1 Kr.sand – Mai 2018

Round 1 of the Norwegian 1/8th Off-road Nationals was held in Kristiansand in the South of the country. The astro turf track is located in a motocross area and the weekend started off with a bit off rain, but it changed to sunshine and hot weather, with a slippery track in the morning and raising grip levels during the day. This year saw some changes such as the running of both the nitro and electric classes on the same weekend – mainly to try and reduce travelling costs but also attract new drivers to the classes. For the first weekend of the year things looked promising so far and the next round will for sure attract even more entries. Racing wise and in the Nitro class it was Serpent driver fast local Tom Erik Haaversen who set the track record and was the man to beat this weekend.

The first qualifier started and it was Xray driver Daniel Kobbevik who TQ’d the first round, and he was just getting faster and faster during the day, and in the fifth qualifier he put in a new track record with a margin of seven seconds, handing him the top qualifier spot from Tom Erik in 2nd. The semi B was easily won by Tom Erik while in the semi A Daniel had a moment some three minutes before the end when his buggy’s receiver battery connector died. But luck was on his side as the time was still good enough for P6 on the A-main starting grid. At the start of the A-main Daniel instantly jumped into the lead but Tom Erik got into his rhythm soon and started to pick up on Daniel’s pace. The speed up front was high and after some mistakes of Tom Erik, Daniel was able to pull away. Tom Erik then got into trouble with his buggy’s engine and after changing the glow plug he was able to recover a bit, however it was too late to snatch one of the podium spots. Up front Gisle Brøvig (Kyosho), Egil Amtedal (Serpent) and Bastian Andreassen (Serpent) fought for the P2 and P3 spots and in the end to was Gisle in 2nd and Egil in 3rd while Daniel took a convincing win and with it a new track record with 96 laps in 45 minutes.

Nitro Buggy final results:
1. Daniel Kobbevik – Xray/FX/Runnertime
2. Gisle Brøvig – Kyosho/Werks/Werks
3. Egil Amtedal – Serpent/O.S./Runnertime
4. Bastian Andreassen – Serpent/O.S./Runnertime
5. Danny Kwiatkowsky – Kyosho/Reds Racing/Byron
6. Helge Olsen – Serpent/O.S./Runnertime
7. Hans Magne Berg – Mugen/Bullitt/Nitrolux
8. Tom Erik Haaversen – Serpent/O.S./Runnertime
9. Dan terje Bjornflaten – Serpent/O.S./Byron
10.Sani Gunic – Mugen/OS/Byron

Over in the 1/8th E-Buggy it was again Daniel Kobbevik with the TQ and win as Vincent Rüger and Thorbjorn Doler rounded out the top 3 results.

Thanks to Magne Kobbevik for the report. Og takk til redrc.net

Sjuk helg på Nore Neset kronet med banerekord NC1 Os – Mai 2018

Muntre og fornøyde deltakere i rekruttklassen på lørdagen.

Muntre og fornøyde deltakere i rekruttklassen på lørdagen. (Foto: M.Kobbevik)

Klubben arrangerte en nesten knirkefri NC åpning på Os i helgen. Den trange og tekniske banen på Nore Neset fikk mye skryt og selv om det var glatt og krevende forhold på lørdagen så slapp vi unna regnet.  Treningen på freddan snakker vi ikke om…

Jr Verdensmester sin Xray dominerte stort på Nore Neset i helgen. I bakgrunnen ser man Marius som ikke er bekymret for 2wd banerekorden sin pga våt bane :D

Jr Verdensmester Daniel Kobbevik sin Xray dominerte stort på Nore Neset i helgen. I bakgrunnen skimter man Marius som ikke er bekymret for 2wd banerekorden sin pga våt bane :D. Daniel fikk følge av begge brødrene Døler, med hhv Xray og Associated B6 på pallen.  (Foto: M.Kobbevik)

Mange stilte opp for klubben med små og store oppgaver for å komme imål. Tusen takk alle sammen! Vi må spesielt nevne Ruth og Inger sin kiosk som var skikkelig knall i padden! Niklas sin supre løpsledelse, med førerpresentasjon og det hele var helt gull, og veldig viktig for helheten. Kjetil hadde full teknisk kontroll hele helgen og Thomas fikset premier.  (Og Anna som plukket for meg i en hektisk RC hverdag) Mange andre har bidratt også!! Ellers stor takk til Nore Neset IL og Nore Neset Skule for supert samarbeid!

A-Finalestarten i 4wd på søndagen. Her ble det tørt oog fint til slutt og banerekord og "Clean Sweep" til Daniel Kobbevik og Xray/Hobbywing

A-Finalestarten i 4wd på søndagen. Her ble det tørt og fint til slutt og banerekord, samt «Clean Sweep» til Daniel Kobbevik og Xray/Hobbywing. Daniel vant alle kval og finaler i 4wd  (Foto: M.Kobbevik)

Sånn ble totallisten i 4wd klassen:


Sånn ble totallisten i 2wd klassen:


Takk også til Magne som fikset løpsrapporter på opptil flere verdensspråk. Se under…

Serpenten til Marius og B64'en til Øystein var nærmest Xray'en til Daniel i 4wd klassen... Meget god stemning på pallen. (Foto M.Kobbevik)

Serpenten til Marius og B64’en til Øystein var nærmest Xray’en til Daniel i 4wd klassen… Meget god stemning på pallen. (Foto M.Kobbevik)

Daniel vant også Dash4Cash lørdagen men donerte vekk premien. Cred! Niklas Roos hadde et spennende D4C opplegg som vi håper å se mer av fremover. For publikum var det også en høydare når en østauropeisk modellbil tar tunell på gardintrappen i 70km/t... (Foto: M.Kobbevik)

Daniel vant også Dash4Cash lørdagen men donerte vekk premien. Cred! Niklas Roos hadde et spennende D4C opplegg som vi håper å se mer av fremover. For publikum var det også en høydare når en østauropeisk modellbil tar tunell på gardintrappen i 70km/t… (Foto: M.Kobbevik)

Man skal ikke se bort ifra at denne artikkelen kan finne på å oppdatere seg med mer spennende info etterhvert…

Norwegian 1/10th Buggy Nats Rd1 – Report – NC1 Os – Mai 2018

Round 1 of this year’s Norwegian 1/10th Electric Buggy Nationals was held at the Bergen track in what is considered to be the rainiest region of the country. And indeed did the race kick off on the wet, however things got better during the weekend with the grip slowly coming up. The track layout used was tight and technical and together with the unpredictable weather the drivers were forced to be on their toes in terms of setup and tyres. The weekend kicked off on Saturday with the 2WD class and right from the start it was Xray’s Daniel Kobbevik who set the pace. After winning three of the four qualifiers he put his buggy on the pole position from Torbjorn Doler (Team Associated) on P2 as as Øystein Doler (Team Associated) came in 3rd.

The opening A-main started with Daniel getting away, and the fight for 2nd and 3rd was on but in the end it was Daniel taking the win, with Torbjorn Doler 2nd and Xray driver Adrian Sognestad 3rd. A2 started the same way with Daniel pulling away to a huge lead while behind him the race for the remaining podium spots was on. All went in favour of Daniel until the last lap when he hit a bump and his car was laying at the worst place for almost 19 seconds until the marshals could get it on track again, but still Daniel could take the win in front of Oystein Doler, as Torbjorn Doler came in 3rd this time. Despite having already bagged the win Daniel opted to run in A3 and again it was a blueprint of the previous runs with Daniel up front and the fight for 2nd and 3rd being on. Ultimately it was Team Serpent driver Marius Kristensen in 2nd from Nikolay Haaheim (Xray) 3rd. Overall Torbjorn Doler managed to come on the runner-up spot from Oystein Doler 3rd.

2WD Buggy final results:
1. Daniel Kobbevik – Xray/Hobbywing/EZ
2. Torbjorn Doler – Team Associated/Team Orion/LRP
3. Oystein Doler – Team Associated/Team Orion/LRP
4. Nikolay Haaheim – Xray/Hobbywing/EZ
5. Adrian Sognestad – Xray/Hobbywing/EZ
6. Jostein Helland – Team Associated/Team Orion/Reedy
7. Marius Kristensen – Serpent/Muchmore/EZ
8. Trond Setre – Team Associated/Reedy/Reedy
9. Steffen Larsen – Yokomo/Reedy/EZ
10.Arne Flesvik – Yokomo/Yokomo/Yokomo

The 4WD Buggy class again saw Daniel putting his Xray buggy on pole position, this time winning all four qualifiers for a clean sweep. Sunday saw less weather changes and after a slippery morning grip came up during the day and Marius Kristensen (Serpent) and Adrian Sognestad (Xray) would round out the top 3 results so far.

The opening A-main started with Daniel making a mistake at the first jump combination, sending his car wheels up, however courtesy of some swift laps he soon was in the lead again and from there he never looked back to take the win from Nikolay Haaheim (Xray) and Marius Kristensen.

A2 saw a better start for Daniel this time as he pulled away and was never in the range for the other drivers. He could just push on lap times and set a new track record and fastest lap of the weekend with a 22.902. 2nd place went toMarius Kristensen and Torbjorn Doler (Xray). With the win Daniel secured another win that weekend and again he attended the third A-main but unfortunately the main saw a messy start but this did not stop Daniel from taking another win with Oyster Doler (Team Associated) and Adrian Sognestad (Xray) coming in 2nd and 3rd. Oyster had a quite a comeback in A2 and A3 to snatch the final podium spot after falling short in A1.

4WD Buggy final results:
1. Daniel Kobbevik – Xray/Hobbywing/EZ
2. Marius Kristensen – Serpent/Muchmore/EZ
3. Øystein Doler – Team Associated/Hobbywing/LRP
4. Nikolay Haaheim – Xray/Hobbywing/EZ
5. Torbjorn Doler – Xray/Team Orion/LRP
6. Adrian Sognestad – Xray/Hobbywing/EZ
7. Thomas Byrkjeland – -/-/-
8. Jostein Helland – Team Associated/Reedy/Reedy
9. Peter Stein – Xray/Hobbywing/EZ
10.Arne Flesvik – Yokomo/Yokomo/Yokomo

Thanks to Magne Kobbevik for the report. Og takk til Redrc.net

Stavanger Open Cup Rd1 – Report – Januar 2018

The opening round of the Stavanger Open Cup was hosted by the Stavanger Modelcar Club at their new 1000 square meter facility. Offering different tracks such an off-road track laid out with EOS and an on-road track laid out with ETS carpet, the facility also includes a drift track. For round 1 nearly 60 drivers signed in to race in the six different classes of 2WD Buggy, 4WD Buggy and Truck as well as 13.5T Touring, 21.5T Touring Junior and M-Chassis. To offer amble track time, one seeding practice was held followed by four qualifiers and triple A-mains. Intended as a fun race series especially for younger drivers the event also attracted Norwegian Champion, Nikolai Haheim to race in the Stock Touring class while the off-road class were lead by Junior World Champion Daniel Kobbevik. The two then had now problems to win their respective classes and so they swapped cars and tracks in the final A-mains, much to the entertainment of everyone.

2WD Buggy final results:
1. Daniel Kobbevik
2. Adrian Søgnesand
3. Kobbevik Magne
4. Jostein Helland
5. Anders Johansson
6. Sveinung Nå
7. Børge Vold
8. Steinar Kartevold
9. Stein Kato Midttun
10.Jan Eivind Nærland
11.Erlend Haugom
12.Lars Møller-Holst
13.Peter Stein
14.Rune Jordalen Bjelkevik
15.Ole Henrik Tengelsen
16.Benjamin Vedå
17.Hans Revhaug
18.Henrik Helland
19.Nikolas Vedå

4WD Buggy final results:
1. Daniel Kobbevik
2. Adrian Søgnesand
3. Anders Johansson
4. Børge Vold
5. Steinar Kartevold
6. Peter Stein
7. Stein Kato Midttun
8. Jan Eivind Nærland
9. Lars Møller-Holst
10.Ole Henrik Tengelsen
11.Hans Revhaug
12.Rune Jordalen Bjelkevik

Truck final results:
1. Daniel Kobbevik
2. Hans Revhaug

Touring Stock final results:
1. Nikolai Håheim
2. Mathias Nedrebø
3. Even Enerstvedt
4. Ole Thomas Bryne
5. Andreas Bryne
6. Håvard Gulliksen
7. Arve Hagesæter
8. Svein Erik Haaland
9. Odd Helge johansen
10.Tom Erik Vold

Touring Standard 21.5 final results:
1. Stian Haaland
2. Anna Nedrebø
3. Audun Hagesæter
4. Tobias Nedrebø
5. Henrik Helland

M-Chassis final results:
1. Thomas Roalkvam
2. Svein Erik Haaland
3. Arve Hagesæter
4. Sveinung Nå
5. Jostein Helland
6. Stian Haaland
7. Erlend Haugom
8. Andreas Grepstad
9. Audun Hagesæter
10.Kjetil Skjeie
11.Henrik Helland

Thanks to Ole Jacob Bryne for the report. Og takk til Redrc.net